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One Week with Apple Vision Pro

Here's my Apple Vision Pro experience. In outline form, because life is short.


  • While a technical marvel, the display resolution still isn't high enough.
  • The resolution of the Mac virtual display is noticeably worse.
  • Light glares are VERY bad and are the #1 issue I have with the device.


  • The weight isn't a problem.
  • No nausea, which was my biggest concern initially. Truly a technical feat.
  • Eye & hand tracking is not reliable enough. It works 99% of the time, but that's not enough. It's like having 99% server uptime, which may sound good at first, but then you realize that's equivalent to over 3 days of downtime a year.
  • I found it too finicky. A slight misplacement of the headset resulted in dramatically different image quality.


  • I could not find any good games.
  • I rarely watch a movie or show by myself.

Personas 1.0

  • The eyes. When I initially created my Persona, I was horrified to see someone who looked 10-30 years older staring back at me. It was mainly the eyes, which were wrinkly and had big dark circles. I believe this is mostly due to lighting, because when I tried it later with better lighting, that seemed to help. When the lighting is bad, it seemed to have a tendency to apply older-looking eyes. Still though, even after doing it again with better lighting, the eyes look lifeless and not like my eyes.
  • The skin. When I first got the device, I was having a bad skin day. I knew that. But the Vision Pro made my skin look 5x worse than what I saw in the mirror. Again – lighting issue perhaps? (Even so, that's not on me, that's on the device to deal with that).
  • The hair and ears. It really doesn't show much of my hair at all. Note, I'm blonde and have a receding hairline. But I swear, my hairline isn't as bad as Vision Pro makes it out to be. No matter what, I really couldn't get my hair to show up at all how it looks IRL. Similar issue with the ears – which are key features of someone's face – they are mostly blurred and clipped.
  • So yeah, the Personas feature made me feel like shit.


  • I still don't have any great ideas for a spatial computing app. I have a couple of ok ideas, but they would require too much work and I have too many other things on my plate.

It strangely makes me feel somewhat sad, but I'm planning on returning the device. I think it's super neat, but I'm skeptical it's "the future". That said, I'm excited to see how much progress Apple can make for Apple Vision Pro 2.