About Ryan

Hi, I'm Ryan Ashcraft.

I grew up in Virginia and North Carolina. I've always taken an interest in technology – even at a young age. At age 12, I started building websites for myself, my dad, and other local businesses.

After taking AP computer science in his junior year in high school, I took an interest in building iPhone apps. My interest in programming led me to Georgia Tech, where I later graduated with a Bachelor's in CS in 2013. At Georgia Tech, I met my (now) husband, Tanner Smith.

I consider myself a software engineer, a designer, and someone who enjoys working on difficult product problems.

I've worked at Apple (intern), Yahoo, Amplitude, and most recently, Confluent.

I've worked on greenfield projects and established (a.k.a. "legacy") codebases. I've worked on multiple large rewrites and navigation redesigns. I've helped build entirely new products. I've worked on design systems. I've worked on a growth team. I've never been a manager, but I love to lead and mentor others.

Most of my professional experience has been full-stack or frontend work with single-page web apps. In the past few years, I've rekindled my interest in native iOS app development work.

My apps

Foodnoms – Nutrition Tracker

Foodnoms is a privacy-focused food/nutrition tracker that aims to make food tracking less painful and more insightful. I built Foodnoms because I was tired of the existing options on the App Store that were more focused on showing ads, content, and upsells than building a great product.